Real Richmond Tales Ch. 10

                                                         In the closet Ch.10

Brian had been so happy with his success that he hadn’t realized Mariah’s suspicious actions lately. She would be sitting at the table, reading a book and suddenly jump up and peek out the window. If her phone rang, she would hesitate to check the caller id and answer. Whenever they were on dates or out on public, she would constantly look behind her back and check her surroundings as if she were looking for someone.

“Brian who is mommy hiding from?” Bria asked one day while they enjoyed lunch at the Elephant Bar in Emeryville.

“I don’t know honey, maybe she see’s someone she knows.” Brian replied trying not to scare Bria or alarm Mariah that he was on to her new weird actions.

Brian had been going to various jewelers looking for the perfect designer to create a gorgeous ring for him but was having no luck. Well it seemed that way until he was leaving 24hr fitness in the mall and noticed the Bay Area’s one and only, E-40 at the jewelry store on the corner across from the Mongolian food place. He made a mental note to come back and visit the next morning.

“It’s going to be a little pricey about $50,000 to create a piece as magnificent as this in such short notice.” Said the jewelry store owner as he sized Brian up to see how much money he could get out of him.

“Okay, I want the ring so whatever you need let me know!” Replied Brian as he wrote a check for the deposit.

Mariah’s mom had no idea that her daughter was hiding this very important secret but she was hiding a secret of her own. She wanted to tell her daughter that Brian had asked for permission to marry her but she knew it would be wrong to spoil the surprise.

Meanwhile Mariah wanted to tell Brian so bad but she was too scared. She didn’t want to lose him. But in order to fix the problem, she had to be honest with her man. Since he had just walked in on her yelling an unfamiliar male name out loud, now was the time. So she though…

Mariah dropped the phone and began to cry uncontrollably as Brian just looked at her while Brayden listened in silence. Mariah was totally oblivious the fact that she hadn’t hung up the phone. She kept her eyes on the floor as she began to put her words together before she spoke.

Brayden was pissed but he thought to himself, “If this dude takes her back, I will leave her alone. However, if he doesn’t then I will continue with my plan.”